The illustrious film fortune of director Ly Hai

The illustrious film fortune of director Ly Hai 1

From a singer who `encroached the field` to a director who `exploded` the box office

In the early 1990s, Ly Hai was a famous singer with modern songs and dances – he was nicknamed `Golden Legs`.

Ly Hai has been continuously successful for many years with 10 albums, `Lifetime With You` and many other individual albums.

While at the peak of his singing career, in 2015, Ly Hai left the stage to realize his bigger dream: Directing a movie and releasing his first movie Face Off.

Taking advantage of his existing knowledge and experience from famous musical films, in 2015 Ly Hai touched the cinema with his first work – Face Off.

The illustrious film fortune of director Ly Hai

After 5 movies, Face Off is recognized as the movie series with the fastest revenue growth rate, and is also a movie series that is always in the top of the movie works with huge revenue.

After 8 years, Ly Hai has become one of the most successful producers and directors in the film industry, opening up the trend of making franchise films on Vietnamese screens.

Passionate about renewing and challenging yourself

One of the reasons why Face Off continues to conquer increasingly demanding audiences is thanks to director Ly Hai’s spirit of `playing big` and willingness to explore new limits.

Right from the first movie, he was ready to `sacrifice` a car when filming a scene where the car drove off a cliff and exploded.

The illustrious film fortune of director Ly Hai

Ly Hai and the Face Off series always renew themselves and experiment with many different genres to attract audiences.

In the near future, Ly Hai will continue to renew himself once again with the project `Face Off 6: Fateful Ticket` with completely different content than the previous parts.

The director is emotional and always looks to his roots

The name Ly Hai is always associated with love for his homeland, he always wonders how to bring beautiful images of Vietnam to the screen.

The illustrious film fortune of director Ly Hai

Not only did he bring to the screen the beautiful scenes of his homeland, but Ly Hai also designed and restored the traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam.

In particular, in the latest movie Fat Face 6: Ticket to Destiny, he recreated the traditional mat-making village of Dinh Yen as the main setting.

Flip 6: Ticket to Destiny is scheduled to premiere on April 28, 2023 (April 30 holiday).

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