Fighting robots – cold-blooded assassins on the battlefield

Fighting robots - cold-blooded assassins on the battlefield 1

Combat robots are considered the third technological revolution, after gunpowder and nuclear weapons.

Artificial intelligence brings many benefits to humans but also contains many dangers, one of which is being weaponized to create cold-blooded steel warriors – battlefield robots.

Future steel warriors.

A battlefield robot is an automatic device used to perform wartime tasks, thereby minimizing human participation in combat and limiting the loss of human resources.

The first `combat robot` was a flying vehicle with a clockwork mechanism called Kettering Bug – the ancestor of modern cruise missiles – built by the Dayton-Wright company in 1917 at the order of the US military.

For many years, the military community of many countries has given many reasons to justify the need for battlefield robots, however, having a decisive influence on the development of military robots are four main factors: reducing damage

Countries are researching battlefield robots for environments in the air, on land, underwater, at sea or in space.

The killer robot race is silent but global, with up to 50 countries manufacturing, trading and using robots.

It is noteworthy that some countries such as Britain and France, although they have developed military technology, firmly oppose fully automatic weapons.

The US and Russia are among the few countries that have unilaterally opposed the UN’s international ban on `assassin robots`.

According to a leading British intelligence expert, the US military will have more robots on the battlefield than soldiers by 2025 – showing that combat robots are quickly becoming a reality in modern warfare.

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According to collaborator Le Ngoc

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