Foreign press praised Vietnam’s dedication to treating the British pilot

Foreign press praised Vietnam's dedication to treating the British pilot 0

(Dan Tri) – A series of foreign news agencies and news sites have published articles on the British pilot’s journey back home after this Covid-19 patient was diligently treated by Vietnam.

British pilot was taken to the airport (Photo: EPA)

At dawn on July 12, the plane carrying the British pilot cured of Covid-19 left Hanoi to return to his hometown.

British news agency Reuters published an article with the title: `British pilot cured, symbol of Vietnam’s successful anti-Covid-19 campaign, returned home.`

Reuters said pilot Stephen Cameron was Vietnam’s most seriously ill Covid-19 patient and at one point, he seemed close to death.

Reuters commented that Mr. Cameron’s case has become a phenomenon in Vietnam, a country with a combination of selective testing strategy, drastic quarantine and impressive achievements with only 370 Covid cases.

“I can only thank everyone here for what they have done,” Reuters quoted Mr. Cameron as saying.

According to Reuters, Cameron’s illness and the efforts of Vietnamese doctors to save lives have become symbols of the successful anti-Covid-19 campaign in the Southeast Asian country.

Foreign press praised Vietnam's dedication to treating the British pilot

Reuters article about British pilot, patient 91 (Screenshot)

Meanwhile, British newspaper Guardian, also citing news from AFP (France), reported on pilot Cameron’s return journey.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the Vietnamese people and the dedication and professionalism of the doctors and nurses.

British newspaper Telegraph also reported on Mr. Cameron’s incident, emphasizing that Vietnam has mobilized all resources to treat the British pilot.

The US news agency AP dedicated an article about Vietnam’s efforts to save the British pilot – known as patient 91. AP said Cameron was the last Vietnamese patient in the intensive care room.

In addition, information about repatriated British pilots also appeared on a series of foreign news agencies and news sites such as CBC of Canada, Hindustan Times of India, SCMP of Hong Kong, Dailymail of England, 9news of Australia, The Star of

The reaction of foreign readers to the articles was very positive.

`Good job, Vietnam. You are very humane and professional. The campaign against Covid-19 is very impressive. You have demonstrated that vigilance against epidemics, personal protective equipment and social distancing

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