Facing a `storm` of criticism, the UK urgently adjusted its anti-Covid-19 strategy

Facing a `storm` of criticism, the UK urgently adjusted its anti-Covid-19 strategy 1

(Dan Tri) – The UK is said to be stepping up efforts to fight Covid-19 after facing criticism about its epidemic suppression strategy, including the government adviser’s controversial idea of ​​`herd immunity`.

British people rushed to buy and hoard goods because of the Covid-19 epidemic

A man wearing full-face protective equipment rides the subway in London, England (Photo: Reuters)

The government adjusts policies, the Prime Minister holds daily press conferences

According to Reuters, in recent times, the UK seems to have a tendency to delay the peak of the epidemic to prevent the health system from being overloaded in treating patients with Covid-19.

One of the most controversial views in the anti-Covid-19 strategy is the opinion of the British government’s Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance.

Experts say that in recent weeks, the British government has not implemented drastic and strict epidemic prevention measures like other European countries, such as blocking the whole country or some areas.

Guardian on March 15 cited information from a secret meeting of the British National Health Service saying that a warning was issued that 80% of the country’s population could be infected with the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).

However, the proposal for a `herd immunity` strategy has been fiercely opposed.

In an open letter, 229 scientists from British universities rejected the idea of ​​“herd immunity”, saying this would put “more lives at risk than necessary”.

“The goal of herd immunity is to prevent the spread of disease and protect the most vulnerable people in society.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization (WHO) official Margaret Harris told BBC Radio 4: `We don’t know enough about the mechanism of the virus, it hasn’t existed in the population long enough for us to know.`

According to SCMP, the UK is now accelerating efforts to control the epidemic in the context of the number of corona virus infections and deaths trending up.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced on March 15 that the country will not use the `herd immunity` strategy to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic.

On the evening of March 15, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would `lead an intergovernmental force` to fight the Covid-19 epidemic and would hold daily press conferences to provide accurate and transparent information.

The announcement from the Prime Minister’s office said that the government will rely on scientific basis to make decisions in epidemic prevention and will explain the reasons for making such decisions.

The only country allowed to apply anti-Covid-19 tactics similar to England is Switzerland, according to SCMP.

Switzerland recorded on March 15 that the number of new infections increased by nearly 1,000 in 24 hours, and 14 more people died.

The world is concerned

Facing a `storm` of criticism, the UK urgently adjusted its anti-Covid-19 strategy

A man stands in front of a sold-out shelf at a supermarket in London, England (Photo: Reuters)

The British government’s recent anti-Covid-19 strategy also faced international criticism.

Singapore’s Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong said on March 15: `Our concern about the case of the UK or Switzerland is not just about the numbers.

The US, Hong Kong and Singapore are some of the countries and territories banning flights from the UK in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic epicenter shifting from Asia to Europe.

WHO also expressed disagreement with the UK’s strategy when the country does not test people with mild symptoms who may have Covid-19.

“You cannot fight a virus if you don’t know where the pathogen is.

Currently, the UK is preparing to announce a request for people over 70 years old to self-isolate from the threat of disease.

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According to SCMP

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