Inventors are killed by their own creations

Inventors are killed by their own creations 2

In her 1818 novel `Frankenstein,` writer Mary Shelley wrote the story of a scientist who is harmed by a hideous creature he created in his laboratory.

Earlier this week, OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush, who may have been considered the Dr. Frankenstein of deep-sea tourism, died aboard the submersible he built, Titan.

It is known that he and four other passengers went with the Titan ship to a depth of 3,800 meters to explore the legendary Titanic wreck.

Notably, Rush is not an exception as many scientists and inventors have also died because of their own inventions.

Despite living a century apart, Stockton Rush’s fate had a strange coincidence with Thomas Andrews, the man who designed the Titanic.

Accordingly, Andrew is an Irish shipbuilder.

At the time the Titanic crashed, Andrews was also on board as a first-class passenger.

In addition, it is believed that Andrew also tried to convince his superiors to provide enough lifeboats for all passengers and service staff on the ship, in case something unexpected happened.

Franz Reichelt was a tailor of Austro-Hungarian descent and someone who tried to literally take his profession to the next level by designing `a wearable parachute`.

Reichelt’s design was described by Le Gaulois as `just a little bulkier than regular clothing`, to help prevent a number of deaths that occurred at a time when the aviation industry was not yet so developed.

Reichelt tested his parachute suit for about two years, starting in 1910. He even presented the idea to the Aéro-Club de France but received no support.

On February 4, 1912, a crowd of at least 30 journalists and photographers witnessed Reichelt smile and step off the edge of the tower, only to watch him deploy his parachute before hitting the ground and dying instantly.

Mike Hughes is a conflicted scientist as he is a rocket maker who does not `believe in science` and always wants to prove that `the earth is flat`.

Inventors are killed by their own creations

It is known that Hughes was originally a limousine driver and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2002 for making a 30m jump in a modified limousine.

The planned 2019 launch was postponed until February 22, 2020, when Hughes and his partner Waldo Stakes planned to launch the rocket, killing him instantly after his rocket crashed into a

Source: NY Post

Inventors are killed by their own creations

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